Secretarial Skill Development and Institutional Arrangement for Assistant Staff Training in Nepal

Subarna Man Tuladhar


Clerical and secretarial training is offered to develop skills required for assistant level staff in government offices, public enterprises and other organizations. The Assistant Staff Training Centre (now known as the Centre for Secretarial Skill Training) was established for offering clerical and secretarial training to non-gazetted staff of the government of Nepal in 1991 under the umbrella of the Nepal Administrative Staff College to improve their job performance for organizational effectiveness. Secretarial skill development continues to be a challenge to most government ministries, departments and district administration. It is one of the important matters of discussion at the conferences of administrative reforms in any country. This article discusses briefly course of actions taken by the government of Nepal to offer and improve training services for assistant-level staff of public and non-public organizations through the creation of a separate institute for the training of support-level staff at national level. 

Key words: Skill development; Training; Public and non public organizations

Administration and Management Review

Volume 22, No. 1, January, 2010

Page: 103-115

Uploaded Date: 2 December, 2011



Skill development; Training; Public and non public organizations

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