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Vol 30 (2008) In vitro culture of Piper longum Linn. Abstract
K. M. Rajkarnikar, G. D. Bhatta
Vol 30 (2008) Polygonum hastatosagittatum Maniko (Polygonaceae): a new record for Nepal Abstract
Indira Sharma
Vol 30 (2008) A checklist of DPR's Publications on Flora of Nepal-2 (Non- flowering Plants) Abstract
Vidya Manandhar, Sajan Dahal, Mahendra N. Subedi
Vol 30 (2008) A new record of rust (Basidiomycotina: Uredinales) on Ribes from Nepal Abstract
M K. Adhikari, V. Manandhar
Vol 30 (2008) A Study on Hypoglycemic properties of Pterocarpus marsupium Roxb. Abstract
N. Karanjit, U. K. Shrestha, R R. Ranjitkar
Vol 30 (2008) Additions of the flowering plants in the herbarium of Department of Plant Resources, Nepal (KATH), collected through Darwin Initiative Project (U.K.) in 2004 and 2005 Abstract
Keshab R. Rajbhandari, Vaidya K. Manandhar, Sajan Dahal, Rajesh K. Uprety, Nirmala Pandey
Vol 30 (2008) Ethnomedicine in Magar Community of Dhadhing District, Central Nepal Abstract
Sabita Poudel, Chinta Mani Gautam
Vol 30 (2008) Genus Bistorta (L.) Adans. (Polygonaceae) in Nepal Abstract
Keshab R. Rajbhandari, Radha Joshi, Sajan Dahal
Vol 30 (2008) Hurdels to cross for the 'jadibuti' cultivation of Nepal: A case study of Karnali, Midwestern Nepal Abstract
S. K. Rai
Vol 30 (2008) Martyniaceae and Sonneratiaceae in Nepal Abstract
Sajan Dahal
Vol 30 (2008) New Addition of the Genus Onopordum (Compositae) for the flora of Nepal Abstract
I. Sharma, M. N. Subedi
Vol 30 (2008) New additions of three grass species to the flora of Nepal Abstract
Keshav R. Rajbhandari, Sajan Dahal
Vol 30 (2008) Pharmacognostical study of Powder of Heartwood of Pterocarpus santalinus L. f. Abstract
Sangeeta Swar
Vol 30 (2008) Prospects and retrospects of plant bioprospecting in Nepal with special reference of medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) Abstract
L. N. Gautam, D. M. Shakya
Vol 30 (2008) Study of physico-chemical parameters of Asparagus racemosus for Nepal Abstract
Umesh Krishna Shrestha, K. K. Shrestha
Vol 30 (2008) The anatomical studies on wood structure of trunk and branch wood of Abies spectabilis (D.Don.)Spach Abstract
L. Joshi
Vol 30 (2008) The diversity of Cordycepioid fungi (Ascomycotina : Clavicipitales) reported from Nepal Abstract
M. K. Adhikari
Vol 30 (2008) The Genus Acer in Nepal Abstract
Vidya K. Manandhar
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