Ethnic Consciousness in B.P. Koirala’s Sumnima

  • Bhanubhakta Sharma Kandel
Keywords: Ethnicity, kinship, culture, commensality, religion, language


B. P. Koirala’s Sumnima is more criticized as a Freudian Nepali fiction but it is more than that. The novel is a very beautiful and important gift of the novelist to the practitioners of cultural theory because the novelist has discussed the issues of minority, plurality of meaning in cultural practices, cultural differences and ethnic consciousness through the innocent characters, among others. It also documents the conflict and problems among the people living in the same area and helps us understand the value of respecting the other. The book has talked in favour of the weaker section of the society and has made the indigenous practices and way of life victorious through the use of environment, vernacular language, characters, life style, beliefs, norms and values, art, myth, etc. over the classic living style guided and prescribed by the shashtras. Sumnima is a great documentation of cultural reconciliation among the people of different ethnic origins following different beliefs, norms, values and cultural practices.


Crossing the Border: International Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies Vol.2(1) 2014: 23-30


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Author Biography

Bhanubhakta Sharma Kandel

Bhanubhakta Sharma Kandel is a Lecturer of English at Tribhuvan University. He has additional degrees in Anthropology, Law and Education as well. He has been teaching subjects like Non-Western Studies, Nepal Studies and Cultural Studies among others. He has also involved in research activities since 1999 and has got several articles published in different scholarly journals in Nepal and abroad. He has been an editor of the journals published in the campuses, a member of the research committee and has supervised several research papers. His special interest is cultural anthropology and has worked a lot in the field. Recently, he has co-authored a book entitled Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology.

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