Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Strategies on Tourism in Nepal

  • Lekha Nath Bhandari
Keywords: Tourism, environment, mountain, climate change, adaptation strategy


Favorable climatic conditions at destinations are key attractions for tourists. Weather can ruin the vacation while climate can devastate a holiday destination. Climate change not only impacts on tourism directly by changes in temperature, extreme weather events and other climatic factors, but it will also transform the natural environment that attracts tourists. Despite the global nature of tourism industry and its economic contributions, scholars of climate change research have hardly acknowledged the threat of climate change to the tourism industry. Tourism scholars have rectified this situation to a certain extent by demonstrating how the industry has become vulnerable to climate change and drawing attention to the need for adaptation and mitigation strategies specific to this sector. Thus, this paper will provide an overview of climate change challenges in tourism destinations especially in the mountain regions, with specific reference to Nepal. It outlines several adaptation and mitigation strategies at the local, regional and national levels. Climatic effects on high mountains are very specific; climate change is likely to trigger the rates and intensity of natural hazards such as landslides, avalanches and flooding with dramatic consequences for tourism destinations. The paper outlines adaptation strategies for tourism stakeholders, resident communities and governments and emphasizes that climate change strategies in the tourism sector must be considered as a collaborative effort, with considerations for institutional development, diversification of opportunities, for the sustainable development.


Crossing the Border: International Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies Vol.2(1) 2014: 113-126


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Author Biography

Lekha Nath Bhandari

Lekha Nath Bhandari is a PhD scholar at Singhaniya University in India. He is working on his PhD thesis in tourism. He has studied both his master’s and MPhil in English, specializing in tourism and varieties of English. Currently, he is involved in tourism business that is located in Thamel in Kathmandu. He is the managing director at Ample Travels Pvt. Ltd. in Thamel.

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