Facts and Figures about Hydropower Development in Nepal


  • Hari Man Shrestha Former Secretary




VIJULI ADDA, Growth Trend, Entanglement, Back-Tracking


The author in this paper makes efforts to present facts and figures about hydropower development in Nepal. The paper also highlights that interest groups play differently at different times, but the decision makers must be fair and be bold enough to decide correctly in a way favorable to the need of the country. The paper also states that the country’s hydropower requirement should be the priority focus for its development by way of attracting its nationals in capacity building through self-study, self-finance, self-construction and self-consumption. It is, however, disgusting to note that even the most attractive simple type of moderate size projects needed to be kept for such purpose has been handed over to the outsiders for use outside the country, e.g. the Upper Karnali and Arun-3 projects. Such approach is leading to a situation that Nepal in the future will have to buy her own resources at higher prices from the outsiders.

HYDRO Nepal Journal

Journal of Water Energy and Environment

Issue: 20

Page: 1-5


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Author Biography

Hari Man Shrestha, Former Secretary

Dr. Hari Man Shrestha holds M.Sc. (hydropower Engineering, September 1957- July 1963) and Ph. D. (Technical Science, September 1963-March 1966) from Moscow Power Institute, the then USSR. He is the first Nepali Ph.D. in Technical Science (Engineering). Dr. Shrestha, while conducting an academic research for his Cadastre of Hydropower Resources Ph. D. thesis at the Moscow Power Institute (then USSR), in 1966 AD, came up with an exciting finding, which showed Nepal's theoretical hydropower potential at an 83,000 MW. He has a wealth of experiences spanning over 40 years in the fields of hydropower and water resources, having worked in different capacities including the Executive Secretary (Chief) of Water and Energy Commission Secretariat (WECS) and also an advisor to Water and Energy Commission (WEC) during his tenure of services in the Government.




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