Seismic Vulnerability in the Himalayan Region

Harihar Paudyal, Ananta Panthi


The frequently occurring strong earthquakes in the Himalayan region signify the seismic vulnerability in the region. The continued northward movement of Indian plate is generating large amount of stress at the plate boundary which is being released in form of large and great earthquakes (M≥7). Absence of such great events in the Himalayan front for last six decades and in some segments for last two centuries envisages the region as a high potential zone for future seismic hazard. In this paper we studied the larger events in the central Himalayan region.

Key words: Central Himalaya; Large earthquakes; Seismic hazards

The Himalayan Physics

Vol.1, No.1, May, 2010

Page: 14-17

Uploaded Date: 28 July, 2011


Central Himalaya; Large earthquakes; Seismic hazards

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