Energy Disorder in Liquid Fe-Si Alloy

D. Adhikari, I. S. Jha, B. P. Singh


The observed asymmetry in the properties of mixing of Fe-Si alloy in molten state is successfully explained on the basis of regular associated solution model. We have determined the free energy of mixing, heat of mixing and entropy of mixing of Fe-Si alloys in molten state at 1873 K. The analysis suggests that heterocoordination leading to the formation of complex Fe 2Si is likely to exist in the liquid and is of a strongly interacting nature. The theoretical analysis reveals that the pairwise interaction energies between the species depend considerably on temperature.

Keywords: Liquid alloy; Clusters; Thermodynamic properties

The Himalayan Physics

Vol.1, No.1, May, 2010

Page: 37-40

Uploaded Date: 28 July, 2011


Liquid alloy; Clusters; Thermodynamic properties

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