International Journal of Social Sciences and Management 2019-11-06T08:38:56+00:00 Dr Umesh P. Shrivastava Open Journal Systems <p>An international online journal in the English language published quarterly (January, April, July and October) by SEM-Biotech Publishing. Full text articles available. Content also available on the journal's own website (<a href=""></a>).</p> Impact of Maternal Education on Child Mortality 2019-11-06T08:38:52+00:00 Zamurd Khurshid Humaira Siddique Ali Waqas Shinza Sabir <p>The purpose of study was to investigate the impact of maternal education on child mortality. A large frame of studies suggests that a causal relationship exists between maternal training and youth mortality. This paper seeks to shed some light at the influence of maternal schooling and youth mortality. The results show that acquisition of education leads to higher human, social and cultural capital amongst moms, that's associated with progressed baby survival. Moreover, this study show that better training of the mother is related to more physical and choice-making autonomy for her inside the household, which may also lead to higher fitness outcomes for the child.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> 2019-11-03T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## A Study of the Errors in the Use of Capitalisation Among Junior Secondary School Pupils in Bo District 2019-11-06T08:38:53+00:00 Saidu Challay Harriet Y. Jones <p>Writing constitutes one of the main skills that second language learners find difficulty in. One area they find difficult in the process of writing compositions is the correct use of capital letters.</p> <p>This study is an attempt to describe the common errors that pupils commit in the use of capitalisation in written texts. Since the use of capital letters constitutes an important area in the overall assessment of pupils’ written texts, this study provided necessary information to guide teachers of Language Arts in preparing pupils for writing tasks. The main objective therefore was to categorise and determine the extent to which errors are committed by Junior Secondary School pupils.</p> <p>In order to obtain data for this study, three Junior Secondary Schools were selected in the Bo Municipality. Fifty pupils were randomly selected from each of the three schools, comprising twenty-five from JSS 2 and twenty-five from JSS 3. This gave a total of one hundred and fifty pupils in all. The pupils were given a task to write a composition of at least one hundred and fifty words under normal examination conditions.</p> <p>The study revealed that pupils had generally not understood the rule involved in the use of capital letters. The areas where errors were more prominent involved proper nouns, beginning of a sentence, poor background knowledge of letter shapes, overgeneralisation and not capitalising the first word in the closing of a letter.&nbsp;</p> 2019-11-03T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Commercialization of Mandarin Orange in Solukhumbu District, Nepal: Input, Production, Storage and Marketing Problem Assessment 2019-11-06T08:38:54+00:00 Kamal Nayan Pant Dikshit Poudel Dipendra Kumar Bamma Shovit Khanal Madhav Dhital <p>With the aim to assess major constraints and opportunities in commercialization along with the study of control measures and apposite services provided by stakeholders, the survey among 75 households from 5 different clusters in major citrus producing <em>Dudhkoshi</em> and <em>Thulung Dudhkoshi</em> regions during 2018 was conducted. The result from the pilot study portrays that – despite the long-term farming experiences in citrus, mandarins were unproductive in their orchards. Lack of technical knowledge, input supply, road and market access regarding commercial citrus farming has been major limiting aspect for orchard management and production. Likewise, condition of mechanical tools and record keeping was found poor from direct observation. 49.33% did not have storage facility for the fruit; problem on post-harvest and marketing was followed by poor transportation facility. The market for mandarin was the local market for 34 respondents where the price per kg was NRs. 77.94 which was significantly higher than the farmgate price (NRs. 49.02) at 5% level of significance. The fruit has invincible quality and taste. The development of collection centers, frequent monitoring and trainings for progressive farmers and input supplies management from government and private sectors are suggested, which can promote the productivity of citrus; thus, farming of mandarin can enhance livelihood and can be sustainable venture for the study area.</p> 2019-11-03T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##