A Comparative Study On 136 Opioid Abusers In India and Nepal


  • TK Aich Professor, UCMS, Bhairahawa
  • I Saha Assistant Professor, KMC, Kolkata
  • D Ram Assistant Professor, JSS Medical College, Mysore
  • S Ranjan Associate Professor, UCMS, Bhairahawa
  • S Subedi Assistant Professor, UCMS, Bhairahawa




Opioid abuse, Buprenorphine abuse, IDU, Opioid withdrawal delirium, Koro, India, Nepal


Background: Though opioid abuse is a common clinical entity, only few published articles are available in Nepal.  

Aim: To compare the pattern of drugs and opioid abuse amongst patients at two de-addiction centres in India and Nepal  

Methods: Seventy-six opioid abusers at CIP, Ranchi, India and 60 opioid abusers at UCMS, Bhairahawa, Nepal were recruited for the present study. Demographic and clinical profiles of patients at these two places are studied and compared.  

Results: Mean age of patients at Bhairahawa, Nepal was significantly lower than their counterpart in Ranchi. While majority of patients at Ranchi reported alone for treatment, patients at Bhairahawa were mostly accompanied by their guardians/relatives or friends. Patients at Ranchi had more lifetime diagnosis of opioid abuse while patients at Nepal had more lifetime diagnosis of poly-substance abuse. Patients at Bhairahawa, Nepal had significantly more history of Injectable drug abuse and had more history of IDU related side effects. Approximately 40% of opioid abusers in Nepal centre responded that the opportunity to work abroad was the highest motivating factor for seeking treatment. Opioid withdrawal delirium appeared to a valid clinical entity with history of 5 cases and 2 cases of withdrawal delirium in Ranchi and Bhairahawa center respectively. Symptom of "Koro" during opioid withdrawal period was reported by at least one patient each at Ranchi and Nepal center.  

Conclusions: Opioid abusers at both the centres appear to have similar social and clinical characteristics except on few social and clinical parameters. 

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3126/jpan.v2i2.9719

J Psychiatrists’ Association of Nepal Vol.2, No.2, 2013 11-17  



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Aich, T., Saha, I., Ram, D., Ranjan, S., & Subedi, S. (2014). A Comparative Study On 136 Opioid Abusers In India and Nepal. Journal of Psychiatrists’ Association of Nepal, 2(2), 11–17. https://doi.org/10.3126/jpan.v2i2.9719



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