Keratoprosthesis, Dohlman Type I device for a patient with repeated corneal graft failure

L Bajracharya, R Gurung, G Tabin


Background: Keratoprosthesis (Kpro) surgery is performed in patients in whom traditional penetrating keratoplasty (PK) surgery has no hope for graft survival. The burden of corneal blindness is high in a developing country like Nepal.

Case: A thirty-year-old man, with multiple graft failure in his only eye, underwent Kpro surgery. He had ambulatory vision and a stable Kpro 29 months after the surgery.

Conclusion: Kpro surgery has been introduced in the country with this as the first case. Patients with poor prognosis for PK can benefit from this type of surgery.


NEPJOPH 2012; 4(1): 165-169


keratoprosthesis; Dohlman type I keratoprosthesis; Boston keratoprosthesis type I; graft rejection

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