A Plead to Nepali Diaspora: An Urge for Homecoming

  • Harihar Poudel
Keywords: Diaspora, Economic Prosperity, Patriotism


Nepal is in dire need of help from the Nepalese Diasporas around the world for her progress and prosperity to come off her backwardness and poverty. Research reflects that education is the major remedy in solving the burning problems of poverty and backwardness. Ironically, educated youngsters have forgotten this land by expensing their skills in other countries of the world readily accepting the degree of second-grade citizenship. This piece aims at making a critical surgery on the hollowness of Nepali Diasporas and make an appeal for them to return back to their home country with well-disposed intention of building their own country and creating their own identity by bringing reference of some literary and non-literary texts.

Repositioning Vol.1(1) 2016: 73-80


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Author Biography

Harihar Poudel
Harihar Poudel is an Assistant Professor in English and Communitcation at Nepal Tourism and Management College, Pokhara. He has more than 7 years experience in teaching. His area of interest in research includes Nepali and International literature.
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Poudel, H. (2016). A Plead to Nepali Diaspora: An Urge for Homecoming. REPOSITIONING The Journal of Business and Hospitality, 1, 73-80. https://doi.org/10.3126/repos.v1i0.16044