Bagiswori Journal <p>Bagiswori Journal is a multidisciplinary peer reviewed research journal published by the Research Management Cell, Bagiswori College, Chyamhasinga, Taulachhen, Bhaktapur, Nepal. The major aim of publishing Bagiswori Journal online is to promote research activities in academia. This journal helps societal transformation since all the articles published in the journal are community oriented.</p> Bagiswori College en-US Bagiswori Journal 2676-1076 Editorial Vol.2(1) <p>No abstract available.</p> Siddhi Bir Karmacharya Copyright (c) 2022 Bagiswori College 2022-03-01 2022-03-01 2 1 Factors Influencing Employee Engagement and its Impact on Organizational Performance <p><strong>Purpose: </strong>The purpose of this study is to identify the factors affecting the employee engagement as well as to examine the effect of employee engagement on organizational performance.</p> <p><strong>Design/Methodology/Approach: </strong>Descriptive and Analytical research design was used for data analysis. A convenient sample of 200 employees of Nepal Telecom responded to a structured questionnaire. Correlation and Regression analysis were performed to examine the hypothesis.</p> <p><strong>Findings: </strong>The result shows that identified factors like career development, compensation, work environment, team and co-worker relationship, organizational policies and workplace wellbeing have positive and significant impact on employee engagement whereas Leadership has negative and insignificant impact on employee engagement. Further, the result also shows employee engagement had significant impact on organizational performance.</p> <p><strong>Practical Implication: </strong>Organization must focus and effort on the factors like organizational policies and team and co-worker relationship as they have shown significantly higher impact on employee engagement and organizational performance. Organization should develop favourable organizational policies and focus on developing a good environment and promote such programmes that enhances team and peer relationship.</p> <p><strong>Originality/Value: </strong>Managers must apply various strategies to make their employee engaged which is less prioritized till today.</p> Nabin Prajapati Copyright (c) 2022 Bagiswori College 2022-03-01 2022-03-01 2 1 1 13 10.3126/bagisworij.v2i1.56320 Enhancement of English Speaking Skills Through Role Play Technique <p>&nbsp;This study aims to investigate about how students’ English speaking skills can be enhanced through the employment of role play technique. The sample population of the study was taken from the grade XI students of Bagiswori Secondary School. The experimental group was taught through role play technique while the control class was taught through the traditional grammar based techniques. The total population of this study was 30 students who were enrolled in the academic year 2020/2021. It was experimental study. The tools applied in this research were observation sheet and speaking test. After 15 lessons of the teaching, the post-test of speaking was conducted in which the students in both groups were asked to answer. The results revealed that the experimental group’s motivation has been enhanced and has improved English speaking skill significantly.</p> Shiva Bahadur Khulimuli Copyright (c) 2022 Bagiswori College 2022-03-01 2022-03-01 2 1 14 24 10.3126/bagisworij.v2i1.56333 Biska Jatra: Myth, Sign, Significance and Bhaktapur <p>The still living ancient festivals which are mysterious, colourful and fun evolved in course of time due to the highest popularity of the paramount deities belonging to the two great religions: Hinduism and the Buddhism. Their rites and rituals possess the background of interesting myths, delightful legends, and captivating folktales. Every year, the Newars celebrate wonderful fairs and festivals on different auspicious days in Bhaktapur. Every festive event of Bhaktapur has its own specialties. This study examines myths and current practice of <em>Biska Jatra</em> in the cultural backdrop of Bhaktapur from the perspective of semiology. The common belief is that celebrating the festival will ward off evil spirits and dangers, boost growth in agriculture production and the economy; maintain peace and prosperity and ensure the protection of the country from the outside invaders. This study argues that the celebration of <em>Biska Jatra</em> depicts its rationality and significance in the socio-cultural lives of the residents of Bhaktapur.</p> Rajan Phelu Copyright (c) 2022 Bagiswori College 2022-03-01 2022-03-01 2 1 25 29 10.3126/bagisworij.v2i1.56334 Market and Socio-cultural Embeddedness (A Case of ‘Subhan’s Beauty Home’, Bhaktapur and ‘Ason’ Market, Kathmandu) <p>Famous political economist Adam Smith argued that the market economy is made up of a series of individual exchanges or transactions which automatically create a functioning and ordered system. Similarly, according to rational choice theory, capitalist economy is driven by individual self-interest and works best when individual buyers and sellers make rational decisions that serve their own interests. In contrast to this atomized economic approach of David Ricardo, Adam Smith and others, this research paper entitled ‘market and social embeddedness’ applies Granovetter’s ideas of ‘social embeddedness of market’ and highlights an alternative way of analyzing economic institutions and market which operate and functioned with non-economic institution, which is broadly functions within larger social and cultural framework with reflective empirical evidences. This article discusses the issues based on the data gathered from the two case studies through interview tool. The nature of study is qualitative and cases were selected purposively. The major purpose of this article is to prove that, market co-exist with, shaped by and depend on socio-cultural factor and moral values not only under socialized economic behaviors one. The theory which I applied in this study is reflected and supported with cases as market is constructed and functions with the relation of social and non-social economic factors. The major findings of this study are persons with long-term socio-cultural ties, established social networks, confidence, and quality sensitivity engage in economic transactions in the market rather than strangers one. People make their decisions on goods and services on their previous dealings and moral values with service provider or businessman then continue to deal with those they trust not only by the individualistic market-oriented transaction.</p> Sunita Raut Copyright (c) 2022 Bagiswori College 2022-12-31 2022-12-31 2 1 30 41 10.3126/bagisworij.v2i1.56335 Menstruation: A Silent Harassment among Women and Girls <p>This paper tries to address one of the cultural taboos related with menstruation existing and in practice in Nepalese society, creating an incident of social harassment for women and girls, in a silent mode, in the name of social norms. A methodology of unstructured one to one interview and a group discussion were employed to dig inside the issue which ends up with the remark of being in intimidation, annoyance, hassle, stigmatize, discriminate, and other ill-practices. This write-up might contribute to re-think on harmful menstruation practices in order to bring positive change in cultural practice and making menstruation talk more open in society.</p> Abina Shrestha Copyright (c) 2022 Bagiswori College 2022-03-01 2022-03-01 2 1 42 52 10.3126/bagisworij.v2i1.56336 साँढे धपाउने भक्तपुर किसान आन्दोलन एक अध्ययन <p>नेपालको किसान आन्दोलनको इतिहासमा भक्तपुरको किसान आन्दोलन अविस्मरणीय छ । बाली काट्ने आन्दोलन, भर्पाई आन्दोलन, मोही लगतमा जोताहा किसानको नाम लेखाउने अभियान, साँढे धपाउने आन्दोलन, भ्रष्टाचार विरोधी आन्दोलन, छोरीलाई पनि मोहियानी हक दिलाउने आन्दोलन, धर्मपुत्रलाई मोहियानी हक दिलाउने आन्दोलन भक्तपुरमा चलेका प्रमुख किसान आन्दोलनहरू हुन् । त्यसमध्ये किसानको बाली खाने र नष्ट गर्ने छाडा साँढे धपाउने आन्दोलनका विभिन्न पक्षहरूको विश्लेषण यस रचनामा गरिएको छ । देशका अधिकांश क्षेत्रजस्तै भक्तपुरका किसानहरूको आर्थिक र सामाजिक अवस्था अत्यन्तै कमजोर थियो । त्यसमाथि आर्थिक र सामाजिक रूपमा आश्रित किसानलाई साहु सामन्तहरूले गर्ने शोषणका रूपहरू अनेक थिए । जीविकोपार्जनको लागि कृषिबाहेक अर्को विकल्प थिएन । अनेक दुःख गरेर लगाएको बाली गोडमेल गरेर फसल भित्र्याउन ठिक्क हुने बेला कहिले असिना पानीले त कहिले शिवजीको बहान भनी पुजिएको साँढेले सोतर पार्थ्यो । छाडा साँढेको मनोवैज्ञानिक असरले किसानलाई कमजोर पारेको हुन्थ्यो । प्रत्येक वर्ष व्यक्तिगत रूपमा अपनाउने सुरक्षा सजगता निरन्तर बेकार हुने गथ्र्याे । यस्तो अवस्थामा बामपन्थी विचारबाट प्रभावित तत्कालीन क्रान्तिकारी किसान कार्यकर्ताहरू निरन्तर विमर्शमा जुट्न थाले । पाइला पाइला गर्दै सामाजिक अभियानको रूप लियो । किसानविरोधी वा जनविरोधीहरू त्यस्तो सङ्गठित अभियानलाई रोक्ने वा दिग्भ्रमित पार्न अनेक कोसिस गर्थे । बिस्तारै किसानहरू सचेत र सङ्गठित हुन थाले । समयले आफूलाई प्रहार गर्ने शक्तिविरुद्ध पनि सशक्त प्रतिवाद गर्ने धैर्यता वा साहश दिलायो । सङ्गठनको भूमिका र महत्व बुझेपछि स्वाभाविक रूपमा आन्दोलनको रूप लियो । साँढे धपाउने आन्दोलनको प्रभावकारिताले किसान आन्दोलनका अनेक चरणहरूलाई सम्भव बनायो । यस अध्ययनले भक्तपुर र समग्र नेपालको तत्कालीन कृषि व्यवस्था, कृषकको समस्या, आर्थिक, सामाजिक अवस्था र जनचेतनाको सामान्य आकलन हुनेछ । सामान्य आर्थिक र सामाजिक असन्तोषले पनि राजनीतिक रूप लिएको दृष्टान्त यो अध्ययनको सार हो ।</p> विकल Bikal प्रजापति Prajapati Copyright (c) 2022 2022-03-01 2022-03-01 2 1 53 62 10.3126/bagisworij.v2i1.56535 गुरुप्रसाद मैनालीको ‘परालको आगो’ कथाको आख्यानसंरचना <p>परालको आगो कथाका लेखक गुरुप्रसाद मैनाली (१९५७ – २०२८) हुन् । उनले यस कथामा नेपाली लोक आहानमा प्रचलित ‘लोग्नेस्वास्नीको झगडा परालको आगो’ भन्ने उखानलाई मुख्य विषयवस्तु बनाएका छन् । यस विषयवस्तुलाई पूर्णता दिनका लागि उनले चामे र गौथली पात्र भएको घटनालाई लिएर कथानकको निर्माण गरेका छन् । आख्यानसंरचनाका विविध पद्धतिहरूमध्ये यस अध्ययनमा विलियम ल्याबोभद्वारा प्रस्तुत आख्यान संरचनाका घटकहरू सारकथन, अभिमुखीकरण, जटिल कार्य, परिणाम र निष्कर्ष, मूल्याङ्कन र समापन गरी छ ओटा घटकहरूका आधारमा परालको आगो कथाको विश्लेषण गरिएको छ । यो कथा विश्लेषणका लागि निगमनात्मक विधिको प्रयोग गरिएको छ । परालको आगो कथामा आख्यान संरचनाका घटकहरू एकअर्कालाई सहयोग र एकअर्काको सहारा बनेर अगाडि बढेका छन् । जटिलकार्य निर्माणका लागि अभिमुखीकरण, जटिल कार्यबाट परिणाम, कथाको सम्पूर्ण जिज्ञासाको समाधानका लागि समापन र सम्पूर्ण अवयवहरूको केन्द्रीयतामा सारकथनजस्ता संरचक घटकहरू आएका छन् । यी घटकहरूको अन्वितिपूर्ण प्रयोग भएकै कारण परालको आगो आख्यान संरचनाका दृष्टिले उत्कृष्ट कथा हो भन्ने निष्कर्ष प्रस्तुत अध्ययनबाट निकालिएको छ । परालको आगो कथाको आख्यानसंरचनाको विश्लेषण गरिएको प्रस्तुत अध्ययन आख्यानसंरचनाका आधारमा कथाहरूलाई बुझ्न चाहने पाठक तथा विश्लेषण गर्न चाहने समालोचकहरूका लागि उपयोगी सामग्री रहेको छ ।</p> चन्द्रप्रसाद Chandraprasad ढकाल Dhakal Copyright (c) 2022 2022-03-01 2022-03-01 2 1 63 72 10.3126/bagisworij.v2i1.56538