Effects of Covid-19 on Hydropower Projects in Stakeholder's Communication


  • Prabhakar Ghimire MPhil/PhD. Scholar
  • Bhim Gautam MPhil/PhD. Scholar




Covid-19, Stakeholders, Hydropower Projects, Communication tools


This research examines how hydropower projects in Nepal adjusted to the crisis of Covid by embracing new correspondence strategies to associate with the assigned area organizations. The fundamental objective of the survey is to sort out how the exercises change their particular gadgets amidst the difficulties in talking with projects have networks during development constraints. This article sorts out that four hydropower projects covered by the investigation embraced new instruments of correspondence especially virtual gadgets, for instance, video meeting stages, for instance, Zoom, Microsoft Gatherings as well as an online diversion to attract the endeavor accomplices multiple and a half years till September 2021, since the 24th Walk 2020, when the country went into the essential lockdown. With the weight of development impediments, projects stood up to inconveniences in attracting their endeavor have networks giving them only decision to use such modernized mechanical assemblies to enhance other standard gadgets for reliable contact with the accomplices. This investigation covers Sunkoshi Multipurpose Endeavor, Arun- 3 Hydropower Assignment, Budhi Gandaki Hydropower Adventure, and Upper Tamakoshi. Two of them address projects a work in progress while two others address those in the pre-improvement stage. An emotional procedure for research was applied in this article using gatherings of senior specialists of concerned dares to assemble information about how their correspondence methodologies went electronic over the period. That is the very thing that the assessment assumes anyway expands stood up to a couple of moves on the most ideal way to oversee accomplices during the Covid crisis with no the correspondence procedures, they hugely used electronic gadgets to continue with their responsibility with their concerned accomplice organizations.


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Ghimire, P., & Gautam, B. (2022). Effects of Covid-19 on Hydropower Projects in Stakeholder’s Communication. Communication Journal, 2(1), 59–81. https://doi.org/10.3126/cj.v2i1.57012