New Journals:
Research Nepal Journal of Development Studies joined on 05/10/2018
Journal of Diabetes and Endocrinology Association of Nepal joined on 30/09/2018

New Issues:
Journal of Kathmandu Medical College Vol.7(2) 12/11/2018
Nepal Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Vol.13(1) 12/11/2018
Nepalese Heart Journal Vol.15(2) 12/11/2018
International Journal of Social Sciences and Management Vol.5(4) 08/11/2018

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    A multidisciplinary journal of Thakur Ram Multiple Campus Birgunj. Full text articles available.

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    As far as we are aware, this journal is no longer being published.

    A Journal of the Nepal Administrative Staff College. Full text articles available.

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    Published by the Crop Development Directorate and Agronomy Society of Nepal. Full text articles available.

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    Annals of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (ACCLM) is an official Journal of Nepalese Association for Clinical Chemistry. ACCLM is a peer-reviewed, biannual journal also accessed through ACCLM is indexed in Google Scholar, Indian Science Publications and CNKI Scholar

    ACCLM is now accepting online submissions.

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    Published by the Association of Tropical Rain Forest Conservation and Education Nepal (ATRFCE).

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    The inaugural issue of the Asian Journal of Medical Sciences was published in May 2010. Full text articles available.