New Journals:
Saptagandaki Journal joined on 20/10/2017
Med Phoenix joined on 31/07/2017
Journal of Gandaki Medical College-Nepal joined on 31/07/2017

New Issues:
Health Prospect Vol.16(2) 28/11/2017
Journal of Kathmandu Medical College Vol.6(1) 14/11/2017
Banko Janakari Vol.27(1) 07/11/2017
Conservation Science Vol.5(1) 07/11/2017

There are 124 journals listed on NepJOL. There are 1012 Tables of Contents listing 13,573 articles. 12,822 of the articles are available in full text (PDF).

Press Releases:

INASP is pleased to announce the introduction of Press releases about articles from recent issues on NepJOL. We are pleased to note that they have received extensive media coverage thus promoting Nepali research.

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    The Gaze: Journal of Tourism and Hospitality

    The Gaze is published by the International School of Tourism and Hotel Management (Affiliated to Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Austria).

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    The Initiation

    As far as we are aware, this journal is no longer being publsished

    Journal of the Student Forum for Forestry Research and Environment Conservation (SUFFREC). Full text of current issue available 12 months after publication.

    Front Cover:
    Rich Biodiversity of Machapuchre
    Photo credit to Mr Angel Adhikari

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    The Third Pole: Journal of Geography Education

    As far as we ae aware, this journal is no longer being published.

    The Third Pole is designed to disseminate geographical education and provide opportunity to stimulate scholars in contributing the innovative, thought provoking and research based articles to support the development of Nepal and also disciplinary profession.

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    Tribhuvan University Journal

    As far as we are aware, this journal is no longer being published.

    Official publication of the Research Division of Tribhuvan University Kathmandu, Nepal. Articles available in full text.

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    TULSSAA Journal

    As far as we are aware, this journal is no longer being published.
    A Journal of Library and Information Science
    Articles available in full text