Focus and Scope

Journal of Diabetes and Endocrinology Association of Nepal is Bi-annual Open Access peer reviewed publication that discusses current research advancements in Diabetes and Endocrinology.

The journal covers several key aspects in this field by including research on topics like Diabetes Mellitus, Diabetes Insipidus, Diabetes Complications, Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia, Diabetes Treatment and Cure, Gestational Diabetes, Endocrine System, Endocrinal Disorders, Hyperthyroidism, Pediatric Endocrinology, and Hormone Replacement Therapy.

The journal encourages advancements in the areas not limited to the one mentioned above in the form of research articles, reviews, commentaries, case studies and short communication. The Editorial, Guest Editorial and Letter to the Editor are solicited by the editorial board. Manuscripts that are thoroughly peer reviewed would ensure the best standards in the industry.

Authors do not have to pay for submission, processing or publication of articles in JDEAN.

Peer Review Process

A manuscript that is submitted will be initially reviewed for possible publication by the Editors with the understanding that it has not been published anywhere, simultaneously submitted, or already accepted for publication elsewhere. The journal expects that authors would authorize one of them to correspond with the journal for all matters related to the manuscript. All manuscript received are duly acknowledged. Editors will review all submitted manuscripts initially for suitability for formal review. Manuscript with insufficient originality, serious scientific or technical flaws, or lack of significant message are rejected. In the case of a good article that has been written poorly, the authors are asked to resubmit after revision.

The potentially suitable manuscript selected for publication are sent to two or more expert reviewers blinded to the contributor’s identity and vice versa for meticulous review, inputs and comments. The final decision on whether to accept or reject the article are taken by the Editor-in-Chief based on editorial board and peer reviewers. The contributors are informed about the rejection/acceptance of the manuscript with the peer reviewer’s comments. Accepted articles have to be resubmitted after making the necessary changes or clarifying questions made during the peer review process.

Publication Frequency

The journal is published bi-annually.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.


Subscription Rates

The following subscription rates exclude postage charges.

Subscription Payments should be sent in the form of a Bank Draft in the name of Diabetes and Endocrinology Association of Nepal.

Authors do not have to pay for submission, processing or publication of articles in JDEAN.

Annual: Nrs. 2000, Per Copy: Nrs. 1000
Annual: Nrs. 1000, Per Copy: Nrs. 500

SAARC Countries
Annual: USD 100, Per Copy: USD 50
Annual: USD 60, Per Copy: USD 30

International Subscrition
Annual: USD 160, Per Copy: USD 80
Annual: USD 100, Per Copy: USD 50


JDEAN discloses the following disclaimers.

  1. The information, opinions and views presented in the Journal of Diabetes and Endocrinology Association of Nepal reflect the views of the authors and contributors of the articles and not of the Journal of Diabetes and Endocrinology Association of Nepal or the Editorial Board or its publishers
  2. Publication of articles, advertisements or product information does not constitute endorsement or approval by the journal and/or its publisher.
  3. The Journal of Diabetes and Endocrinology Association of Nepal and/or its publisher cannot be held responsible for any errors or for any consequences arising from the use of the information contained in this journal.
  4. Although every effort is made by the editorial board and the publishers to see that no inaccurate or misleading data, opinion or statement appear in this journal, the data and opinions appearing in the articles including editorials and advertisements herein are the responsibility of the contributors concerned.
  5. The publishers and the editorial board accept no liability whatsoever for the consequences of any such inaccurate or misleading data, information, opinion or statement.
  6. Whilst every effort is made by the editorial board and the publishers to ensure that drug doses and other quantities are presented accurately, readers are advised that new methods and techniques involving drug usage as described in this journal, should only be followed in conjunction with the drug manufacturer's own published literature in their own country.