Constructing the Discourse of Marginalised Ethnic Community in Rai's Fire Cares not its Birthday Anniversary


  • Jiwan Kumar Rai Mahendra Multiple Campus, Dharan, Nepal



Cultural Studies, power/discourse, deconstruction, marginalisation


The decade of 2010s is very crucial in literary creation, particularly poetry writing in Nepali literature because the trend of writing shifted to the representation of marginalised people and their “culture as whole way of life” (qtd in During 2).  Mainly the indigenous poets are concerned to the issues of marginalised indigenous people. Bhupal Rai's collection of poem Fire Cares not Its Birthday Anniversary falls in the same trend that deconstructs the cultural discourses of the state power and reconstructs the discourse of the indigenous people. In this context, this study aims to find out the issues of cultural discourses in the poems that the poet resists against and reconstructs a new body of knowledge, i.e. a counter discourse of marginalized. In the same way, it attempts to unfold how he resists against the existing body of cultural discourses and reconstructs the discourses from the perspective of marginalised people. Similarly, this study aims to analyses the logical reasons of redefining and reconstructing the existed ruling groups' body of knowledge. The interpretive method has been used to analyses the texts. For this, Foucault's concept of power/discourse has been applied as a theoretical tool. This research article gives the insights to see the interwoven power relations in social practices and construction of knowledge.


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Author Biography

Jiwan Kumar Rai, Mahendra Multiple Campus, Dharan, Nepal

Jiwan Kumar Rai is a lecturer at Department of English, Mahendra Multiple Campus, Dharan under Tribhuvan University, Nepal. Rai is interested working in the area of literary theories and criticism, mainly in the Postmodern, Postcolonial and Cultural Studies. His writing concentrates on the issues of marginalized communities who are under the domination of mainstream culture and power. He has conducted mini research and published more than two dozens of research articles in several journals. Currently, he is a Ph.D. scholar who is doing research on the title Voices from the Margin: Exploring the Issues of Identity and Representation in the Selected Nepali Texts .




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Rai, J. K. (2019). Constructing the Discourse of Marginalised Ethnic Community in Rai’s Fire Cares not its Birthday Anniversary. JODEM: Journal of Language and Literature, 10(1), 63–76.