Formation and Fulfillment of 'Homing Desire' in Ghimire's "Diaspora"


  • Ramji Timalsina Mahendra Multiple Campus, Dharan, Nepal



Nepali Diaspora, homeland, host land, homing desire, subjectivity, identity


Where is the home of Nepali diasporans? Is Nepal still their home? The recent theory of diaspora questions the traditional notions of home and homeland. Their place has been taken by the discourse of ‘homing desire’ that is the desire to make a home in the host land. Such a home has the quality of both of the homes that is the home they have left behind and the standard home they see in the host land. In Nepali Diaspora, too, such a theme has crept into literary creations. In this article Hari Ghimire’s poem “Diaspora” has been analysed so as to see how it depicts the development of ‘homing desire’ and its fulfilment. The speaker of the poem, in the beginning, expresses his desire to home, i.e. feel comfortable, himself in the diaspora. Later he is happy because of the fulfilment of the desire. This analysis is primarily based on Avtar Brah’s theory of ‘homing desire’. The insights of Salman Rushdie’s idea of ‘imaginary homeland’ and Sara Ahmed’s concept of home in the globalized time have been used to support and extend Brah’s theoretical stand. It is hoped that this article will encourage further discourse on ‘homing desire’ in the study of Nepali Diaspora and its literature.


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Author Biography

Ramji Timalsina, Mahendra Multiple Campus, Dharan, Nepal

Dr. Ramji Timalsina is researcher of Nepali poetry and Diaspora. He is a lecturer of English at MMC Dharan under Tribhuvan University, Nepal. He has earned his PhD Degree on ”Exploration into the Use of  Rasa in Nepalese Diasporic Poetry”. He has conducted a number of programs as a facilitator on research and writing. Timalsina has published four books and more than three dozen research articles in each of the English and Nepali languages respectively. He has conducted four mini-researches; and he currently works as an Editor-in-Chief, Executive Editor and Editor of different literary and academic journals. He has taken part in national and international conferences on Diaspora, language and literature.




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Timalsina, R. (2019). Formation and Fulfillment of ’Homing Desire’ in Ghimire’s "Diaspora". JODEM: Journal of Language and Literature, 10(1), 143–157.