Code of Ethics - KSLR

Kathmandu School of Law Review (KSLR) is an integral part of the academic corpus of Kathmandu School of Law. We exist with the purpose of benefitting publics with our works. We intend to do so by publishing work of knowledge, advancing those works, by propagating learning based on research. Our conduct, and our standards of integrity, should at all times reflect our public aims and values of our institution. The high ethical standard we adopt are never compromised in the process of our publication or during any other process by any other means.

This Code of Ethics is designed to support our mission, values and behaviour by addressing our values, to whom is this code applicable and what are the key standards that we adopt.

The core purpose of KSLR is to advance knowledge, learning and research based academic culture. We fulfil this purpose by continuously evolving as we engage with our researchers, students and teachers. Increasingly, we fulfil our purpose by helping unlock their potential with the best learning and research solutions.

Our values include:

Responsive to the need of time

  • We respond to the need of publics, legal fraternity and legal scholarship.
  • We put the challenging needs faced by public at the core of everything we do.
  • We frequently communicate and maintain an understanding of need of our times and we prioritize our publication as per the need of time.


  • We foster a deeply inclusive, connected culture throughout our organisation.
  • We are open to partnership with organisations that can progress with our vision.

Empowering our teams

  • We support each other to take appropriate risks so we can deliver with speed and integrity.
  • We encourage each other to share our expertise and experience for the benefit of everyone.

Fast and effective in decision making

  • We act with a sense of urgency, involving right people to create the most effective outcomes.
  • We draw on our expert knowledge and experience to deliver judicious decisions.
  • We make use of our network to bring together people with the right expertise to achieve excellence in our work.


  • We embrace change and welcome creative ideas and suggestions.
  • We are not afraid to try new approaches to work.
  • We seek new ways to increase our efficiency.

Responsible and with high integrity

  • We act with integrity and accountability, protecting reputation of our institution by adhering to its policies and codes.
  • We are guided by the purpose of contributing to greater good of society.

Who does this apply to?

  • All the members of KSLR editorial team, any temporary members including consultants, reviewers, authors, and contributors of any kind.

What are the key standards?

  • We accept zero tolerance to any form of bribery including facilitation payments in terms of selection of publication, reviewing manuscripts;
  • Gifts, hospitality or travel expenses may be offered to consultants, reviewers as a sign of respect and appreciation, and not to unduly influence anyone;
  • Marketing and sponsorship if allocated will be used for marketing, and not for unethical purposes or purposes other than those allocated for;
  • Conflict of interest[1] will be transparently recorded and managed;
  • Due diligence is a key aspect of us knowing more about our team, contributors and reviewers;
  • We take appropriate action to prevent fraud within the publication;
  • We respect personal information and the rights of individuals in respect of the processing and access to this information.

[1] Conflict of interest may occur when someone is faced with a situation where their decision-making in relation to selection, editing and reviewing of manuscripts is unduly influenced by the involvement of a relative or a close friend, or when there is some other reason from which financial or non-financial or career advantage might be gained by them or by someone close to them in a way that puts them at risk of being biased and not making a balanced or impartial decision.