Geo-Strategic Imperative of North-Western Border: Triangular Region Kalapani - Lipulekh and Limpiadhura of Nepal


  • Bharat Khanal



Geo-strategy, Security, Border, Diplomacy, Foreign Policy


The extreme north western region of Nepal is bordered with India and China and separated by Mahakali River. As per Article 5 of Sugauli treaty and various other evidences like, historical facts, ancient maps, river science, government correspondence and other documents proves that the river originating from Limpiadhura form the international boundary between Nepal and China. However, the certain parts of Nepalese territory have been under the control of India from seven decades. Owing to the historical and geographical proximity, Nepal has maintained special relations with her immediate neighbors, India and China, despite several complex situations. Remaining away from strategic competition and rivalry; and gaining maximum benefit from India and China as they are global and regional players would best serve the national interest of Nepal. Underdeveloped nature of physical infrastructures, nascent institutional structures and poor presence of government machinery in the North western border of Nepal has complicated the problem. Our neighbors should be sensitive and respectful to our concerns and interests. Delicate handling of border issues is in our interest. Nepal has become the center of geopolitical interest in the present world. Sands of geopolitics are constantly shifting in South Asia and Nepal cannot remain aloof from it. Influence in Nepal from competition and cooperation is rising. There is a need of cooperation for transit economy and trilateral cooperation. Nepal should use her diplomatic expertise and regain our territory by maintaining friendly and harmonious relations with her neighbors. Nepal and India shouldn’t delay in resolving such outstanding disputes. Both countries should bring their evidences and carefully examine that evidence by creating a favorable negotiating environment. Above all, national consensus on such sensitive issue is important.


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Khanal, B. . (2021). Geo-Strategic Imperative of North-Western Border: Triangular Region Kalapani - Lipulekh and Limpiadhura of Nepal. Unity Journal, 2, 29–40.