Comparison of Commercial and Local Varieties of Radish at Different Levels of Manures and Fertilizers

Tika Rak Chapagain, Sharmila Piya, Nabin Kumar Dangal, Jawahar Lal Mandal, Bhanu Prasad Chaudhary


Five commercial (Any sesion, Tikimashi, Mino Early, Forty Days and Chetki) and a local (Bhedetar Local) varieties of radish were tested at the Agricultural Research Station (ARS), Pakhribas, Dhankuta, during the autumn season of 2008 and 2009 for their performance at different levels of manures and fertilizers. Two trials, varietal and fertilizer were conducted in randomized complete block design with four replications. The highest root yield (65.1 t ha-1) was obtained from Mino Early which was at par with Bhedetar Local (62.85t ha-1) in varietal trial. In fertilizer trial, the highest mean root yield of Bhedetar Local was obtained from 100:80:40 N2:P2O5:K2O kg ha-1 + FYM 20 t ha-1 which was at par with 75:50:50 N2:P2O5:K2O kg ha-1 + FYM 20 t ha-1, however, differed statistically with other treatments. The root yield obtained from the exiting farmers practice was statistically at par with 75:50:50 N2:P2O5:K2O kg ha-1. Root yield (t ha-1) was positively and significantly (≥0.01) correlated with root length, plant height, root diameter and number of leaves per plant.

Key words: Bhedetar Local; fertilizers; radish

DOI: 10.3126/njst.v11i0.4090

Nepal Journal of Science and Technology 11 (2010) 51-56


Bhedetar Local; fertilizers; radish

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