Effect of UMMB Supplementation during Winter on the Milk Production and Its Composition and Infertility in Dairy Cattle in Hill Management Production System

Chet Raj Upreti, Bashanta Kumar Shrestha, Binaya Ghimire


Two groups, each containing 10 lactating cross bred Jersey cows were used to evaluate their feeding response on their milk production level and its quality in the mid hill’s livestock production and management system. Ten infertile Jersey cows were also selected for infertility study. The objective of the study was to evaluate on the response of Urea Molasses Mineral Block (UMMB) feed supplements in two management systems on the milk production, composition, and correction in infertility problem. Two sites of different management system, namely Saaradabatase and Naala in Kavrepalanchok district, were used to conduct the research for two years. Research was conducted during winter from February to April 2007 and 2008 for 60 with 7 days adjustment period in each site. Ten lactating dairy cows were supplemented with UMMB and ten without UMMB for 30 days. In each location, both groups were recorded for their milk yield and milk quality (milk fat and SNF %). After 30 days, group A was stopped to offer block group and B was started to supplement UMMB for 30 days. Two kg blocks were fed in UMMB feeder (wooden made) to control the intake. In Ugrachandi Nala site i.e site A 25% green grass was offered. But in Saaradabatase, site B, rice straw was used as basal diet with or without small amount of green grass as per availability. Among the total 8 repeatedly breeding Jersey cattle, 25% i.e. 2 animals, came into heat and conceived due to the positive effect of UMMB. Body condition score was improved from 3.5 to 4 due to the effect of UMMB supplementation. A simple economical calculation was done to find out the net income. A net daily profit of NRs 10.77 per animal in Saaradabatase and NRs 5.96 in Nala was recorded with the UMMB fed group compared to control group. Study has concluded that UMMB as a feed supplement in the mid hill management is economical for winter feeding. UMMB supplementation is one of the means to correct infertility problem and for better condition score in dairy cattle.

Key words: infertility; management system; milk production; rice straw; UMMB

DOI: 10.3126/njst.v11i0.4126

Nepal Journal of Science and Technology 11 (2010) 71-78


infertility; management system; milk production; rice straw; UMMB

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3126/njst.v11i0.4126