Effect of Packaging Materials and Modified Atmosphere Packaging on the Shelf-life of Khoa

Pushpa Prasad Acharya, Joyti Agrawal


Preservation of freshly prepared Khoa was carried out at room temperature (25±1°C) and refrigerated temperature (5±1°C) by using different packaging materials such as LDPE, aluminum foil/PVC and three layer laminated (polyester/ met. BOPP/LDPE) in different conditions viz. normal and shrink. All of the packaging materials on both conditions showed no significant difference except normal LDPE on mean sensory score and chemical parameters of Khoa during storage at 5±1°C whereas it showed highly significant difference at 25±1°C among three packaging materials. Three layer laminated sample showed significantly higher sensory quality, high pH, low acidity, peroxide value (PV), free fatty acids (FFA) and lower microbial count than other two packaging materials. Similarly, shrink packaged sample showed better quality in terms of sensory and microbial attributes of Khoa compared to normal packaging. No colonies of yeast and mold, coliform were observed during the storage period. Shrink packaged Khoa in three layer laminated increased storability to 27 days at 25±1°C against three days for unpacked ordinary Khoa.

Key words: Khoa preservation; packaging materials

DOI: 10.3126/njst.v11i0.4129

Nepal Journal of Science and Technology 11 (2010) 87-94


Khoa preservation; packaging materials

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3126/njst.v11i0.4129