Vagal schwannoma in parapharyngeal space -anatomical perspective

Keywords: Deep Cervical Fascia, Neurilemmoma, Parapharyngeal Space, Schwannoma, Uvula, Vagus Nerve


A rare case of Schwannoma of Vagus nerve in Parapharyngeal Space was admitted in Otolaryngology department of GSVM Medical College, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. Schwannoma is a rare tumor in the Parapharyngeal Space.  The   patient was a 32 yr old male with  chief complaints of difficulty in swallowing and swelling in the neck since last 4 years. On examination there was a firm swelling on right side of neck and uvula was deviated towards Left Side. On CT & MRI examination a heterogenous mass was seen in Parapharyngeal space. The case was diagnosed as a case of vagal schwannoma in parapharyngeal space. The tumor was surgically excised. Histopathological Examination revealed the Tumor as Schwannoma. 

Asian Journal of Medical Sciences Vol.7(2) 2015 100-103


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Mishra, S., Singh, S., Gautam, H., Singh, A., Pantola, C., Kumar, S., Singh, R., & Passey, J. (2015). Vagal schwannoma in parapharyngeal space -anatomical perspective. Asian Journal of Medical Sciences, 7(2), 100-103.
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