Dermatological manifestations and medico-social correlates among intellectually disabled students in Central India




Skin disorders, Intellectual disability, Infectious skin, Health education, Dermatological manifestations


Background: People with intellectual disabilities (PwID) are particularly more vulnerable to dermatological manifestations due to their associated disabilities and hygiene negligence.

Aims and Objective: To estimate the prevalence and pattern of skin diseases considering various medico-social correlates among PwID in two districts of Central India. To apply multinomial logistic regression analysis to examine the medico-social factors associated with no, one and more than one dermatological manifestations.

Materials and Methods: A total of 204 PwID receiving rehabilitation services under a NGO serving two districts were examined for dermatological manifestations and various medico-social factors were studied. Descriptive analysis like chi-square and multinomial logistic regression analysis (MLR) was performed.

Results: We found that 87.25% of study participants had one or more dermatological manifestations {infectious (64.7%) and non-infectious (84.3%)}. Among the various medico-social variables studied, socio-economic status, education of parents and associated co-morbidities were independently associated with increase in frequency of skin disorders. MLR analysis showed that Illiteracy of parents, lower socio-economic status and associated co-morbidities in PwID had higher odds of developing one and more than one dermatological manifestations when compared to literate and high income families and PwID with no associated co-morbidities.

Conclusion: This study delineates the importance of additional attempts to be made by dermatologist while dealing with PwID while considering carefully their associated co-morbidities and various social factors. Strict hygiene measures, periodic skin examination and health education of persons caring for students with disabilities are recommended.


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Gupta, H., & Agrawal, V. (2019). Dermatological manifestations and medico-social correlates among intellectually disabled students in Central India. Asian Journal of Medical Sciences, 10(5), 27–32.



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