Public Participation in Governance of Community College

  • Ram Babu Mandal Tribhuvan University, Thakur Ram Multiple Campus, Dept. of Foundation of Education, Birgunj
Keywords: Community participation, community impact, teaching and learning, governance


The purpose of this study was to explored public participation in governance of the community college. The local people established college in their community of their active participation. Community colleges help for the access of higher education in rural area but not being able to fulfill desire of the local people. The study focuses on public participation in governance of community college. The study was carried out in a qualitative paradigm in which a case study facilitated access to in-depth feelings, views, and opinions of community members and educators regarding their participation in providing education. Data were generated through in-depth interview with parents of children in the college, College Management Committee (CMC) members, and the college chief. Data were transcribed and analyzed manually through the cut and paste technique. The study found out that public participation in governance of community colleges is of various types it may be involvement through sending their children to the college and providing fees and stationery, involvement through contributions of physical things & donations from the very beginning of the establishment of the college, involvement through attendance in programs and meetings conducted by the college, participation in real decision making etc. Further, parents financed college budgets, and were involved in college governance.

Academic Voices Vol.6 2016: 37-42


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