Cover Page

Vol 7 (2010)

Left: Mt. Manaslu, Manaslu Conservation Area, Nepal
(Photo credit: Narcisa Precopie)
Right top: Rhododendron dalhousiae Hook.f.
(Photo credit: S.K. Ghimire)
Right bottom: A local people of Sagarmatha, Nepal
holding flowers of Rhododendron spp.
(Photo credit: K. Maden)


Cover Page

Vol 6 (2009)

Left: A medicinal plant collector of Rasuwa holding Dactylorhiza hatagirea (D. Don) SoĆ³ (page 39).
Photo credit: K. Humagain
Right top: High altitude landscape in Dolpo. Locally landscape components are perceived, defined and named according to mythical and symbolic values, physical and biological features. Local plant names also show linkages with ecological characteristics of the landscape (page 56).
Photo credit: S.K. Ghimire
Right bottom: Commelina maculata Edgew. (page 25).
Photo credit: S.K. Ghimire

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