The Impact of Business Model Innovation on Sustainable Tourism

  • Ruhet Genc Turkish-German University
Keywords: Business model innovation, Tourism Sustainability, Environmental degardation, the model


In this study, the impact of business model innovation on the sustainability of tourism activities will be discussed in detail. The methodology of the paper will be literature review based on previous investigation in the domain of business model innovation and the critical evaluation of the findings. The manuscript will start with brief information regarding to previous findings in the existing literature, then the relationship between business model innovation and sustainability of tourism activities will be investigated with a specific focus on rapidly changing dynamics of world and therefore the transformative aspects of business strategies will be the main objective of the study. Next, the manuscript will suggest a model where the effect of business model innovation is modeled in a mathematical form, pertaining to several variables including technological development, total revenues, and the degree of environmental degradation. Finally, the manuscript will conclude that the innovation-based nature of tourism sector requires firms to constantly innovate their business models so that they can arrange themselves according to necessities of rapidly changing business environment, in order to preserve their competitiveness and maintain their business activities to keep making profit.


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Genc, R. (2020). The Impact of Business Model Innovation on Sustainable Tourism. The Gaze: Journal of Tourism and Hospitality, 11(1), 1-9.