Status of anxiety and depression among elderly residing in a community of Tarakeshwor municipality, Kathmandu


  • Tilarupa Bhattarai
  • Muna Sharma
  • Chandrakala Sharma
  • Archana Pandey Bista


Anxiety; Depression; Elderly; Mental Health.


Background: Together with increase in lifespan of human beings, mental health problems among elderly people are also being noticed more. The common problems are anxiety and depression. Timely identification and treatment improve the quality of life of elderly. This may prevent suicide and premature death too. This study aimed to find out anxiety and de­pression among elderly in a community of Tarakeshwor Municipality, Kathmandu.

Methods: Descriptive cross-sectional survey was done among 84 elderly, aged 65 years and above, residing in rural communities of Kathmandu. Data was collected through interview method in the household survey using tool translated in Nepali language including Geriatric Depression Scale short version (GDS-15) and Geriatric Anxiety Scale (GAS-10). Data analysis was done using SPSS version 22 for window. Descriptive findings were presented in tables including frequency, percent­age, mean and standard deviation. Chi-square test was used to measure the association between variables.

Results: The mean age of the elderly was 72.29±6.96 years. Proportion of females (59.4%) was greater than male (40.6%). Among the surveyed elderly, 14.3% were having depression and 27.4% were having anxiety where 13.1%, 3.6% and 10.7% had mild, moderate and severe anxiety respec­tively. Anxiety and depression were not associated with any socio-demographic characteristics, except anxiety was significantly associated with their ability to move (p=0.006). Anxiety and de­pression among elderly were positively correlated (r=0.388, p=<0.001)

Conclusions: Few elderly residing in a community have symptoms of depression but more than one forth have anxiety symptoms. Elderly with problem in movement should be assessed and cared for potential anxiety.


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