Characterization and Comparison of Soy Milk and Buffalo Milk Based Synbiotic Product

Tika Karki, Shilva Shrestha, Binita Bohara, Ujwal Jyakhwa


Today consumers prefer foods that not only provide basic nutrition but also contain compounds that confer health benefits. Among the functional food, synbiotic products are showing a promising future. Soy based synbiotic products using different probiotics: A1B and MgA (lactobacillus strains) and L.rhamanosus ATCC 9595 and prebiotics: lactulose, sunfibre and inulin were prepared and its antiradical activities along with other characteristics were studied. The study also aimed to determine the most suitable prebiotics and probiotics. Furthermore, the prebiotics and the organisms were also cultured in buffalo milk to compare its properties with synbiotic soy yoghurt. Synbiotic soy yoghurt showed highest anti-radical activity with % inhibition at the range of 41-45 % and the one with probiotic L.rhamnosus and prebiotic inulin was found to be the most suitable product.


J. Food Sci. Technol. Nepal, Vol. 8 (23-29), 2013


Synbiotic, Probiotic, Prebiotic, Inulin, Anti-radical

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