Estimation of Height from Foot Dimensions

Keywords: anthropometry, foot, height, linear regression, stature


Introduction: Height determination by measuring various body parts is of value in medicolegal investigations as well as in anthropology. The current study was conducted to analyze interrelation between foot dimensions and stature, and to predict stature from foot dimensions.

Methods: The study was done in medical students where stature, foot length, and foot breadth were quantified using standard instruments. We calculated correlations between variables with correlation test and predicted stature from foot length and foot breadth using linear regression.

Results: The correlation between foot length and stature, and foot breadth and stature were statistically significant in both gender (p < 0.05). Greater correlation coefficient between foot length and stature than that for foot breadth and stature indicated stronger correlation between foot length and stature. Separate formulae were drawn for calculation of stature from foot breadth and foot length by regression analysis.

Conclusion: Both foot breadth and foot length were correlated with stature. Foot length was found to be a better predictor of stature.




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Author Biography

Sanjay Kumar Sah, Lumbini Medical College


Department of Forensic Medicine

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