Neonatal Purpura Fulminans

  • D Sharma Department of Paediatrics, Pt.B.D.S PGIMS Rohtak, Haryana
  • J Yadav Department of Paediatrics, Pt.B.D.S PGIMS Rohtak, Haryana
Keywords: Neonatal purpura fulminans, skin necrosis, disseminated intravascular coagulation.


Neonatal purpura fulminans is a rare, life-threatening condition of dermal microvascular thrombosis associated with DIC and perivascular hemorrhage in the newborn period associated with high morbidity and mortality [1]. Gram negative organisms and Staphylococcus species are the most common causes of the acute infectious type [2]. It may be congenital, as a result of protein C and S deficiency, or acquired due to severe infection. It is characterized by the rapid spread of symmetrical, bluish-black hemorrhages into the skin, affecting mainly the extensor surfaces of the extremities and showing a tendency to deep necrosis and the formation of sero-sanguineous bullae. The haemorrhagic areas are well defined and are surrounded by oedema. These lesions are accompanied by a high fever and intense systemic symptoms.


J Nepal Paediatr Soc 2014;34(1):80


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D Sharma, Department of Paediatrics, Pt.B.D.S PGIMS Rohtak, Haryana

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Sharma, D., & Yadav, J. (2014). Neonatal Purpura Fulminans. Journal of Nepal Paediatric Society, 34(1), 80.
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