Survey of marketable vegetables and edible fruits in Dharan, eastern Nepal

  • Sabitri Shrestha Department of Biology, Central Campus of Technology, Dharan, T.U.
  • Shiva Kumar Rai Department of Botany, P.G. Campus, T.U., Biratnagar
Keywords: Vegetable, fruit, Gundruk, Yangben, edible ferns, price survey, Dharan


A total 77 types of vegetables and 33 fruits were recorded from the markets of Dharan during the period of one year. Among them, 11 vegetables viz. Agaricus bisporus, Allium cepa, A. sativum, Capsicum annum, Coriandrum sativum, Dolichos lablab, Lycopersicon esculentum, Solanum melongena, S. tuberosum, Vigna sinensis and Zingiber officinale and 5 fruits viz., Citrus aruntifolia, Coccus nucifera, Musa paradisiaca, Punica granatum and Pyrus malus were found in all months. Nineteen vegetables appeared only in winter, 21 only in summer and 30 in both winter and summer seasons but not throughout the year. Similarly, 11 fruits were available in winter, 9 in summer and 8 fruits occurred in both seasons but not throughout the year. Forty seven vegetables and 14 fruits were cultivated locally and 31 vegetables and 5 fruits were procured from other places. Fourteen vegetables and 8 fruits were brought to the market from wild habitats. Vegetables and fruits supplied from Hilly area and Terai plains were also noted. The most expensive vegetable and fruit were Mushrooms and pomegranate, respectively. Vegetable prices started to decrease from December and remained low during January, February and March; started to increase from April and reached at climax in May and June. Generally, the price of fruits was high from April to July.


Nepalese Journal of Biosciences 2 : 134-147 (2012)


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Shrestha, S., & Rai, S. (2013). Survey of marketable vegetables and edible fruits in Dharan, eastern Nepal. Nepalese Journal of Biosciences, 2, 134-147.