Low Molecular Weight Antioxidants (LMWA) and their Orchestration


  • A Lamichhane Department of Biochemistry, MM Medical College and Hospital, Solan
  • V Chaudhary Department of Biochemistry, MM Medical College and Hospital, Solan
  • NK Sah Department of Biochemistry, MM Medical College and Hospital, Solan
  • M Singh Department of Biochemistry, PDM Dental College and Research Institute, Bahadurgarh
  • R Pandey Department of Biochemistry, MM Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Ambala




Diseases, free radicals, low molecular weight antioxidants, ROS/RNS Scavengers


Every day we hear more and more about free radicals and how they are linked with innumerable diseases and health conditions from ageing to muscular degeneration and even some forms of cancer. The problem is not in knowing that these microscopic enemies exist. We know that they do! The problem is how to fight them so that they are rendered harmless. Under normal metabolic conditions each cell of human body is exposed to about 1010 molecules of superoxide anions (primary free radical) each day. For a person weighing 150 pounds, this amounts to about 4 pounds of superoxide per year, a substantial amount! Once formed, superoxide can react through catalytic pathways in the cell to form many other reactive oxygen/nitrogen species (ROS/RNS). The antioxidant defense system in the human body is extensive and consists of multiple layers, which protect against different types of ROS/RNS. Many of the biological effects of antioxidants appear to be related to their ability not only to scavenge the deleterious free radicals but also to modulate cell signalling pathways.  

Nepal Journal of Medical Sciences | Volume 02 | Number 02 | July-December 2013 | Page 171-180

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3126/njms.v2i2.8971  


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Lamichhane, A., Chaudhary, V., Sah, N., Singh, M., & Pandey, R. (2013). Low Molecular Weight Antioxidants (LMWA) and their Orchestration. Nepal Journal of Medical Sciences, 2(2), 171–180. https://doi.org/10.3126/njms.v2i2.8971



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