About the Journal

Focus and Scope

Water Nepal is a publication for planners, engineers, scientists, policy-makers and administrators engaged in water development and management. It functions as a forum for sharing experiences in different aspects of water resource4development. Each issue of Water Nepal includes summaries of new techniques, reflections on current approaches in water development, management, research findings, and case studies of innovative practices including field experience.

As a matter of policy, Water Nepal publishes articles not published elsewhere, but pieces that of policy relevance for Nepal, that serve educational purposes, will be included. Editorials, feature articles and reports in Water Nepal will discuss water management problems, analysis of long-term development needs and trends, dispute resolution, impact assessment and mitigation, overcoming weaknesses and ensuring institutional learning for sustainable water development; as well as balancing water developments with social and environmental objectives at the micro, meso and macro levels by understanding the interdisciplinary relationship between water use and sustainability.

Each issue of Water Nepal includes

Editorial: Issues and Authors - an overview of the articles and authors in the issue. Viewpoint - a column that offers views on contemporary water development issues and provides a connecting thread to the views presented in the articles of the particular volume.

Feature Articles - detailed presentations of theory and practices in water development. Members of Editorial Advisory Board and other peer reviewers review these.

Innovation from Field - brief presentation of field experiences in water resource sector.

Reports on Gray Literature - reviews of past or contemporary public documents in Nepal and abroad. Book Review - books selected by the editorial board and reviewed by experts in the appropriate field. An Editorial Advisory Board of practitioners, scholars, and professionals involved in water development assists the editors in selecting materials included in Water Nepal.

Opinions expressed in the article rest with the author/s and do not reflect the views of Nepal Water Conservation Foundation, advisors of the journal or its funders.

Publication Frequency

The journal is published twice a year.

Editorial Board

Editor Alaya Dixit

Dipak Gyawali, Pragya Royal Nepal Academy of Science and Technology

Review Editors
Rajendra Pradhan, Anthropologist
Sudhindra Sharma, Sociologist
Mudhukar Upadhya, Watershed Management Specialist

Editorial Associates
Kanchan Dixit, Ecologist
Upendra Das Joshi, Irrigation Engineer
Pratibha Sarojini Manaen, Interdisciplinary Researcher