The Strength of Corporate Governance Metrics on Organizational Performance of Nepalese Telecom Industry


  • Rewan Kumar Dahal Tribhuvan University
  • Binod Ghimire Tribhuvan University
  • Bharat Rai Tribhuvan University



executives, management and leadership, managerial competency, organization, performance measures


The purpose of the study was to understand and analyze the strength of corporate governance (CG) on organizational performance (OP) of the Nepalese telecom industry from the employees' perspective. It adhered to a descriptive study approach and employed an organized questionnaire survey instrument. Two market-leading telecommunication service provider companies of Nepal, Ncell and Nepal Telecom, and their employees were considered the object of the study. It collected 387 responses through a random sampling method. The survey instrument included 18 items and was divided into three segments to collect required data that was processed with the help of SPSS and AMOS software. The study identified nine observable CG performance metrics inside two latent variables, management and leadership (ML) and management competency (MC), to evaluate CG performance and revealed that each performance metric offers a partial explanation for the synergistic effects on OP. The study's findings provided evidence to previous studies that CG performance positively and significantly affects the OP. In addition, the results of the study would deliver useful suggestions for comprehending the primary drivers of CG performance metrics in the Nepalese context.


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Author Biographies

Rewan Kumar Dahal, Tribhuvan University

Assistant Professor

Binod Ghimire, Tribhuvan University

Assistant Professor

Bharat Rai, Tribhuvan University

Assistant Professor




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Dahal, R. K., Ghimire, B., & Rai, B. (2023). The Strength of Corporate Governance Metrics on Organizational Performance of Nepalese Telecom Industry. The Batuk, 9(1), 58–74.



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