Transnational Ethos in Adichie’s Americanah


  • Badri Prasad Acharya Central Department of English and Kathmandu Model College, TU, Nepal
  • Prabal Koirala Department of English, Apollo International College, PU, Nepal



homeland, hostland, nation-state, globalization, diaspora, transnational identity, transnational ethos, agency


This paper analyses Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah as a transnational fiction that shows how transnational identity is formulated in a liminal space. The issues like trans-nationality, globalization, and home are associated with the issue of identity. To carry out the analysis, we use theoretical insights from Transnational Studies which revolves around the life of people living in a globalized world: we are living in the world where there are no border restrictions and due to technological advancement, people can be present virtually in different places at the same time. This paper analyzes how Adichie’s Americanah redefines the notion of immigrant’s identity and explores transnational ethos in relation to the concepts of nationality, globalization, home, and culture through the portrayal of two Nigerian lovers Ifemelu and Obinze. Adichie portrays her Nigerian characters like Ifemelu in transnational context not only to critique Western multicultural ethos—policy to encourage transnational immigrants to assimilate to mainstream culture of the hostland—but also to valorize the role of transnational subjects like Ifemelu for the development of their homeland even in the age of ‘globalization’.


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Author Biographies

Badri Prasad Acharya, Central Department of English and Kathmandu Model College, TU, Nepal

Badri Prasad Acharya is an assistant professor of English Literature at Central Department of English and Kathmandu Model College, TU, Nepal, and is currently working on his PhD dissertation. His areas of interest are literature of trauma, and literary theories including ethical studies. His research articles have appeared in various national and international journals such as Literary Studies, Cross-currents, The Batuk, KMC Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, and IJRHAL: International Journal of Research in Humanities, Arts and Literature. Email:

Prabal Koirala, Department of English, Apollo International College, PU, Nepal

Prabal Koirala teaches English at Apollo International College, PU and Himalaya College, TU. He is currently pursuing his M. Phil at the Department of English, TU. His areas of interest are diasporic and transnational literature, visual culture, and language and communication.




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Acharya, B. P., & Koirala, P. (2022). Transnational Ethos in Adichie’s Americanah. Interdisciplinary Journal of Innovation in Nepalese Academia, 1(1), 67–78.



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