Unleashing Nepal’s Demography as Soft Power

  • Sujeev Shakya
Keywords: Nepal, Nepali, Soft Power, Demography, Women, Small Power


For small powers like Nepal, enhancement of soft power to achieve national interests and economic aspirations is important. For this, however, the aspect of Nepal’s demography has not been considered as a source for advancing Nepal’s soft power. Owing to the same research gap, this study emphasises how Nepal’s demographics can be a significant facet to enhancing Nepal’s soft power. With the same objective, this paper has essentially explored the unexplored territories of demography, migration and also women’s contributions to Nepal’s economy to boost up Nepal’s soft power ambition. Stressing on the changed narrative away from the conventional notion of “yam between two boulders”, the study introduces the idea of “Global Nepali” as a component to enhance Nepal’s soft power, considering the changing demography of Nepal. Also, by shedding light on the contribution of Nepali women in Nepal’s economic growth and its potentiality to advance Nepal’s soft power, this study reiterates that the soft power of a country like Nepal lies in the hearts of its people and what they have to offer to the world.


Author Biography

Sujeev Shakya

He is Founder CEO of Beed Management Private Limited, an international management consulting and advisory firm and also Chairman of Nepal Economic Forum. He writes and speaks extensively on business, economy, leadership and development. A popular columnist, he is also author of Unleashing Nepal.

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Shakya, S. (2021). Unleashing Nepal’s Demography as Soft Power. Journal of Foreign Affairs, 1(1), 91-106. https://doi.org/10.3126/jofa.v1i1.36251