Elevated Total Testosterone Level in an Adult with Erectile Dysfunction

  • Vivek Pant Samyak Diagnostic, Pvt. Ltd. http://orcid.org/0000-0002-3967-1851
  • Devish Pyakurel Samyak Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd
  • Keyoor Gautam Samyak Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd
  • Santosh Pradhan Samyak Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd
  • Abha Shrestha Samyak Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd
Keywords: Erectile dysfunction; Hyperthyroidism; Sex hormone-binding globulin; Testosterone


Erectile dysfunction affects a growing number of men with a significant impact on social function. The cause may be medical and psychological both. Of many risk factors for erectile dysfunction, hyperthyroidism can lead to increased total testosterone by an increase in sex hormone-binding globulin secreted from the liver. Here, we present a case of an adult male with a high total testosterone level who complained of erectile dysfunction. On a complete review of medical history and additional laboratory tests, the diagnosis of hyperthyroidism leading to increased total testosterone was made. The complete review of the patient’s history before hormonal analysis helps to troubleshoot the mismatch between clinical symptoms and laboratory results.


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Vivek Pant, Samyak Diagnostic, Pvt. Ltd.

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Pant, V., Pyakurel, D., Gautam, K., Pradhan, S., & Shrestha, A. (2019). Elevated Total Testosterone Level in an Adult with Erectile Dysfunction. Nepalese Medical Journal, 2(2), 265-267. https://doi.org/10.3126/nmj.v2i2.25987
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