Improved Upper Bound to Product Rate Variation Problem

  • Shree Ram Khadka Central Department of Mathematics, Institute of Science and Technology, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu
Keywords: Improved Upper Bound to Product Rate Variation Problem, Bound, Non-linear integer programming problem


The sequencing problem which minimizes the deviation between the actual (integral) and the ideal (rational) cumulative production of a variety of models of a common base product is called the product rate variation problem. If the objective is to minimize the maximum deviation, the problem is bottleneck product rate variation problem and the problem with the objective of minimizing all the deviations is the total product rate variation problem. The problem has been widely studied with several pseudo-polynomial time exact algorithms and heurism-tics. The lower bound of a feasible solution to the problem has been investigated to be tight. However, the upper bound of a feasible solution had been established in the literature which could further be improved. In this paper, we propose the improved upper bound for BPRVP and TPRVP.


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Khadka, S. (2020). Improved Upper Bound to Product Rate Variation Problem. The Nepali Mathematical Sciences Report, 37(1-2), 47-54.