About the Journal

Aims and Scope

The aim of the journal is to communicate population and its importance in development processes. It publishes scientific research papers in the field of population and development; population and health and reproductive health; population and environment; gender and development; population ageing; issues of child population and related to core and technical demographic analysis.


Copyright of the articles is transfered to the Population Association of Nepal (PAN).

Subscription Rate

  1. Nepali individuals NRs 500.00
  2. Nepali instititutions NRs 700.00
  3. Indians ₹ 400.00
  4. Foreigners US$ 100.00

Contact details to purchase issues:

  1. Email: info@pan-nepal.org or infopannepal@gmail.com
  2. Keshab Prasad Adhikari, President of PAN, 977-9841463717
  3. Hom Nath Chalise, Vice President, 977-9851012622
  4. Mamamaya Mishra, Treasurer of PAN, 977-9841868630

Sources of Support

In the publication of previous volume than 18, the United Nations' Population fund was supporting to publish the journal.  Now it is published in cost recovery basis by sales of hard copies and subscription.

Publication Frequency

The journal is published annually.


Population Association of Nepal (PAN), Kathmandu, Nepal.

Population Association of Nepal

The Population Association of Nepal (PAN) is a professional, non-profit and non-governmental organization established to promote scientific study of population in general and Nepal's population problems in particular. The Association was registered officially in July 1975.


  • to study socio-economic, environmental and other implications of population change and to exchange experience among its members and other interested professionals/parties.
  • to provide technical help to government and non-governmental agencies in formulating population policies and programs and in undertaking research, training and evaluations.
  • to propagate knowledge on the role of population science on economic and social development of Nepal.
  • to disseminate the knowledge of various facets of the Nepalese population problems, policies and issues in national and international forums.
  • to exchange news and views on population with foreign population associations.
  • to publish population related research reports and Population Journal of Nepal.
  • to organize programs on special occasions such as the World Population Day, the World Population Conference, etc.
  • to contribute to other current issues of concerns in the field of population and development.
  • to participate in international population related meetings to share and disseminate the experiences.