Teacher Education and Issues of Professional Development for Quality and Creativity of Teachers


  • Janardan Paudel Central Department of Education, Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, Nepal




Constructivism, Creativity, Critical thinking, Professional development, Teacher education


This article aims to show some of the necessary viewpoints needed in teacher education programme and teachers themselves to promote quality and creativity of teachers. Teachers should be known as the main backbone of a country. It is known that all vertebrate animals or creatures are stronger physically than the non-vertebrates. In the same way, without teachers with high quality a community cannot develop effectively. If communities are developed effectively, it means, a country is developed in a prosperous way. To develop a country today, teachers need to think of teacher education as professional development and in the same way, a country needs to manage. Our ancient teachers have transformed primitive life into the condition as we see today. Teachers should develop strong confidence within themselves to teach. Teachers should have quality and creativity in teaching and so should be the goal of teacher education. Teaching is the type of profession which should be universally acknowledged. A teacher would be like a spiritual being in the past and the same quality should be maintained at present, for framing the knowledge in students so that the students will be responsible to frame the shape of development of a country. For such type of situation, teacher education should be constructed for teachers' professional development relating to increase their critical thinking skills. If a teacher is perfect in all respects, the students will learn properly. Teacher education must not be thought simply as a process of only obtaining a job, but it should be looked in a broader sense with the philosophy of the universe and the nature as well as a teacher as a source of providing the truth. Only a teacher with quality can provide the facts. For this capacity, professional development and creativity are necessary skills. The methodology of this study is based on document analysis and experience of the author.


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