Managing Resources in Community Schools: An Accountability Practice in Paradox




accountability, community school, resource, paradox


Scholars have raised two contradictory issues of particular relevance to current debates of accountability in the utilization of resources for service delivery in public schools. First, that inadequate resource resulted in the poor performance; second, that school actors lack accountability in managing the resources at their disposal. Corresponding to these views, empirical evidence suggests that school head's proactive initiatives find ways to fill up the resource gap; and at the same time, in doing so, school head’s agency has created an invisible power structure putting his accountability practice in paradox. Building on these insights, this paper presents evidences from Nepali community schools on how head teacher’s accountability as managing resources manifests in paradoxes. I argue that under the performativity of market-based accountability narrative, the school head’s accountability is fluid and moving between the two paradoxical extremes of providing service or promoting dominance over other school actors.


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Author Biography

Kul Prasad Khanal, Kathmandu University School of Education

Kul Prasad Khanal, PhD is MPhil in Educational Leadership from Tribhuvan University. He joined his PhD study in Kathmandu University in 2016 under the DANIDA Fellowship. As part of his study, he studied the dedicated research courses in Arhus University, Denmark as well. He has just completed his doctoral study defending the thesis entitled “Exploring Dimensions of Accountability in Community Schools: A Constructivist Grounded Theory Inquiry”. He has also published other articles based on his research findings and methodology. Professionally, he works for the Government of Nepal as an education manager. His passion is on linking ancient (eastern) and modern (western) theoretical perspectives in researching the issues of governance and accountability in education.




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Khanal, K. P. (2019). Managing Resources in Community Schools: An Accountability Practice in Paradox. Dhaulagiri Journal of Sociology and Anthropology, 13, 20–30.