Urban Poverty: A Sociological Study of Shankhamul Squatter

  • Bala Ram Acharya
Keywords: Poor, slum area, migration, urbanization, livelihood


The paper aims to identify the nature of poverty of squatter of Kathmandu valley in the context of exploring urban poverty. It has conceptualized poverty, urbanization, slum, and squatter. It has explored the social, economic and political background of squatter people. This paper also explores the nature of access of squatter people to basic requirements. It has discussed that squatter is a social formation formed by rural-urban migration of poor people to search options of livelihood.

Keywords: Poor; slum area; migration; urbanization; livelihood

DOI: 10.3126/dsaj.v4i0.4519

Dhaulagiri Journal of Sociology and Anthropology Vol.4 2010 pp.179-192


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Author Biography

Bala Ram Acharya
Acharya, Bala Ram is a Lecturer in Sociology at the department of Ratna Rajya Campus, Kathmandu. He has obtained his M.A. degree in Sociology in 1998 from Central Department of Sociology/ Anthropology, T.U. He has published more than a dozen textbooks on Sociology /Anthropology and Rural Development. He has published research and general articles in different journals and newspapers. He was a former faculty in this department. Currently he is conducting research for Ph. D. Degree.
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