My Bosom Friend Gregory G. Maskarinec


  • MohanGopal Nyachhyon



bosom friend, Gregory G. Maskarinec


This paper describe close relationship between two families.


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Author Biography

MohanGopal Nyachhyon

MohanGopal Nyachhyon (2006), is a resident of Lalitpur, Nepal, stuydied B. Sc. in Math, Physics, and Statistics; and B.Ed. in Teaching Math and Science. He has obtained M. Ed. level education in Curriculum and Evaluation. His experiences include teaching 2025-2043 (1969-1986) Teaching Science and Mathematics in Shree Chandee Vidyashram, Adarsha Vidya Mandir, Tri Padma Vidyashram of Lalitpur and Kanya Madhyamik Vidyalaya of Kathmandu; 2043-2058 (1986-2001); furthermore, he worked in various kinds works in Curriculum Development Center; Department of Education; Ministry of Education; 2058-2065 (2001-2008). Similarly, various works in different posts in FINIDA, WB, ADB; 2065-(2008-) Education Consultancy; 2033-2040 (1976-1983), 2039-2045 (1982-1988) Language, Technical and Cultural Instructure and Coordinator in the Training Programs of Peace Corps, VSO, GVS and study aboard programs of various collages of USA.
His publication includes 27 textbooks, Teacher Training Material, Teacher Guide, Teacher-Student Material, etc. Writer, cowriter, and content editor; 22 study researched as Team Leader, Team member, and individual; "Mathematical and Scientific Implications of Children's Traditional Games of Nepal" through UNESCO, Bangkok in 1994.
He has won several prestigious prizes that include, "Open National Competition on Scientific on Scientific and Technological Research and Invention" -RONAST- Third prize co-winner, 2040 (1983); "Competition Exhibition of Scientific and Technological Talents of Young Generation"-RONAST- First Prize 2041 (1984), Consolation prize 2042 (1985), First prize 2043 (1986); National Competition on the Writing Biography of International Scientists and Technologists" RONAST; First Prize 2044 (1987); "Trees for Life" (A book on Environment) ACCU, Tokyo, the Second Prize Co-winner. He has traveled extensively 60 districts of Nepal. He has visited India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Bulgaria, Italy, UK, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, France, USA.




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Nyachhyon, M. (2023). My Bosom Friend Gregory G. Maskarinec. Dhaulagiri Journal of Sociology and Anthropology, 17(02), 33–37.