Interview with Professor Dilli Ram Dahal




Dilli Ram Dahal


An eminent anthropologist, Professor Dilli Ram Dahal (10 March, 1946) was born in eastern Nepal. He was educated in Nepal, India, and the USA. He has contributed over 100 national and international journal articles and a dozen books. He has participated in several national and international seminars and conferences and supervised M.A., MPhil, and PhD theses. Prof. David Holmberg, an Anthropologist at Cornell University, had said, "He (Prof. Dahal) speaks English like a flowing stream". Though he has retired from his formal job, he is still an active reader, teacher, and writer. One never gets bored listening to him as he shares his field experience vividly. It motivates young anthropologists. He has served at the Center for Nepal and Asian Studies (CNAS), one of the research centers of Tribhuvan University. He never missed opportunities to educate young students at the Central Department of Sociology and Anthropology and the Central Department of Anthropology at Tribhuvan University in Kirtipur. He also worked at University of Michigan, USA. He has done fieldwork in different ecological regions (Mountain, Hill, and Tarai) and among different caste and ethnic groups (Rai, Tamang, Byanshi, Dhimal, Madhesi, Dalits, and Brahmin/Chhetris) of Nepal and the USA. We thank Prof. Dahal for sharing his life and some of his anthropological understanding with us without hesitation.


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Author Biographies

Man Bahadur Khattri, Central Department of Anthropology, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

Man Bahadur Khattri, ( PhD from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu Nepal is an Associate Professor of Anthropology at the Central Department of Anthropology, Tribhuvan University, Nepal. He is also serving as Editor-in-Chief of Dhaulagiri Journal of Sociology and Anthropology

Madhusudan Subedi, Patan Academy of Health Sciences, Nepal

Madhusudan Subedi ( is a Medical Sociologist/Anthropologist and a Professor at Patan Academy of Health Sciences, Nepal.

Rajendra Raj Timilsina, The chief of NTV Itahari Channel

Rajendra Raj Timilsina PhD (, Dr. Timilsina is the chief of NTV Itahari Channel. He holds PhD from Kathmandu University. His thesis title is Vedic Education Towards Feminization: A Trishul Ethnography. He has Master's degrees in anthropology, public administration, and journalism. He is an editor of the Dhaulagiri Journal of Sociology and Anthropology, the Television Journal of Nepal and Nepal Television Journal. Similarly, he was the Managing editor of Telepatrika. He has contributed as author, editor, and reviewer to several scholarly papers. Besides this, he is the celebrity as Nepal's longest-serving TV news presenter and has completed 28 years on the national broadcaster Nepal Television Corporation.




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