Recent Trends in Nepal’s Foreign Policy, and Role and Functions of Our Diplomats: A Personal Viewpoint


  • Madan Kumar Bhattarai Government of Nepal



Diplomacy, diplomat, foreign policy


In today’s world, diplomacy is considered as a basic principle in guiding the states. Since the historical era, the meaningful pursuit of diplomacy has been through the in-depth knowledge on the national determinants that signifies national goal and objectives. Actually, the foreign policy does not exist in vacuity, so the course of action to achieve the national goals of any state is only possible through diplomats having vibrant character. In Nepal, due to political instability, slow deployment process and selection of non-diplomatic persons has created diplomatic isolation. This paper identifies the modern Nepali trends in selection of competent diplomats due to the cause of political saps. This is the genuine concern to be corrected by the authority in order to enhance the essence to deploy an ideal diplomat who offers in-depth knowledge and idea about the modern diplomacy. Only, those efforts are represented through diplomats who are the image of the state. This research paper is based on descriptive study applying secondary sources of literatures as regards to modern diplomacy, international relations and foreign policy in context of Nepal and these components are analyzed to provide a clear picture of recent trends of Nepali foreign policy and functional skills of diplomats in diplomatic mission.


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Author Biography

Madan Kumar Bhattarai, Government of Nepal

Former Foreign Secretary, Government of Nepal
Former Ambassador of Nepal to Germany and Japan




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Bhattarai, M. K. (2018). Recent Trends in Nepal’s Foreign Policy, and Role and Functions of Our Diplomats: A Personal Viewpoint. Journal of APF Command and Staff College, 1(1), 76–81.