The Relation of Golden Ratio, Mathematics and Aesthetics

  • Gyan Bahadur Thapa Department of Science and Humanities, Pulchowk Campus, IOE, Tribhuvan University
  • Rena Thapa Fine Art College, Bhotahity, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu
Keywords: Golden ratio, Fibonacci sequence, Aesthetics, Architecture, Phyllotaxis


The Golden Ratio, mathematics and aesthetics are intricately related among each other. In this paper, we exhibit the presence of mathematics in aesthetic impression that appears in nature, classic art, architecture, logo design and much more. The divine proportion can be found in music, poetry and other forms of art, however our focus here is only in the visual ones. The Golden ratio is considered sacred due to its relationship to nature and even the construction of the universe and the human body. It has been used for centuries in the construction of architectural masterpieces by the great artists, who, being able to see its beauty used it in their designs and compositions. We explain how the applications of the Golden ratio in architectures, paintings and geometrical shapes create the mystery of beauty. Further we present the existence of the divine proportion in human body and natural flora and fauna. There are a diverse number of directions, paths and tangents to which the study of this beautiful concept could take us. Besides mathematicians and artists, we expect that this paper will be interesting for general readers as well.

 Journal of the Institute of Engineering, 2018, 14(1): 188-199


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Thapa, G., & Thapa, R. (2018). The Relation of Golden Ratio, Mathematics and Aesthetics. Journal of the Institute of Engineering, 14(1), 188-199.