Strategies to Reform Engineering Education

  • Bharat Raj Pahari Department of Civil Engineering Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University
Keywords: Engineering education


After the globalization, the attention of the world is turning to economy. The world power is shifted to economy. There has been a paradigm shift- the physical resources; such as, minerals, lands, etc. as the property, has changed. The world is expanding to a global village and societies are heading towards knowledge base economy. By now, a country cannot survive in a closed boundary as before. The result of this is obviously cognitive revolution along with the continuous innovation. Above this, the effect of globalization is turning the world to the international partnerships diversifying the workforce and resulting to demographic shifts. The education, more precisely the engineering higher education, should be able to load individual the depth knowledge and skill that makes people capable and competent. In the course of time, the role of engineering education is increasing. This article is shedding light on the strategies for the reform of engineering education in Nepal eventually attaining quality.

Keywords : Engineering education


Journal of the Institute of Engineering

Vol. 8, No. 1&2, 2010/2011

Page: 48-63

Uploaded Date: 19 July, 2011


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