Need-Based English for Science and Technology: A Study in Relation to Engineering

R. N Khanal


Engineering is one of the major fields of applied science without which no country can move forward in the present global context. The teaching/learning of engineering in Nepal is not possible without English at present. The present paper attempts to highlight the relevance of English language for teaching/learning engineering in Nepal, It also attempts to indicate the relevance of the language for engineers to work in their respective fields. The focus of the paper is to suggest planners and teachers to select the need-based English, for the specific engineering purposes in the present world of specialization.

Key words: Applied Science; Teaching learning of engineering


Journal of the Institute of Engineering

Vol. 8, No. 1&2, 2010/2011

Page: 311-314

Uploaded Date: 20 July, 2011


Applied Science; Teaching learning of engineering

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